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Set Menus

Fish with grapes


We love to personalize menus. While we think you’ll find that these provided menus offer a good taste of the kind of work we do, and what kind of pricing you can expect (and they are available as is for your convenience), we would be very pleased to sit down with you and customize a menu using your favourite flavours and those of your guests. We don’t charge for this — we consider it a point of pride to give you exactly what you want. Call us for a menu consultation and let us help you create a meal that will really wow you, as only something custom-tailored can.






Hors d’oeuvre

(24-piece minimum. Prices are per piece.)

Literally “apart from work,” that is, aside from the main “work” of eating a fabulous dinner (how can you not love the French?), these tasty morsels are the perfect complement to a cocktail hour. They’ll also brilliantly sustain your guests if you’ve elected to delay the main course for speeches, entertainment, or just to be a big tease.


-    Pissaladière: Caramelized onion, olives, goat cheese and tomato on puff pastry $2
-    Eggroll: Vegetarian eggrolls served with plum sauce $2
-    Asian spring rolls: Served with a sweet and sour chilli dipping sauce
    …Chicken: cilantro, sesame and ginger infused $2
    …Vegetarian: julienne of fresh seasonal vegetables with ginger, garlic and soya $2
-    Steamed dumpling: Served with a hoisin dipping sauce
    …Chicken: Thai basil, mint and shallots $2
    …Mushroom: wild mushroom and ginger $2
-    Satay: Beef or chicken seasoned with coconut milk and red curry served with an authentic Thai peanut sauce
-    Mongolian chicken: Star spice-infused chicken skewers served with a Hoisin BBQ sauce $2.5
-    Lamb kebob: Served with a tahini dip $3
-    Lamb sliders: With cucumber and mint raita $3
-    Pulled pork sliders: With a tangy Louisiana BBQ sauce $2.5
-    Angus beef and bacon mini-sliders $2.5
-    Spicy Moroccan “cigars”: Ground beef seasoned with Middle Eastern spices, rolled in a crispy dough and fried.
     Served with a tahini dip $2.5
-    Mini strudel: Light and flaky puff pastry stuffed with
    … Yukon gold potato and shallots $2
    … Wild mushrooms $2
    … Spinach $2
-    Spanakopita: Greek filo pastry triangles filled with spinach and feta cheese $2
-    Salmon teriyaki: Atlantic or Pacific salmon skewered and grilled and served with a grilled pineapple  chutney
-    Vegetarian Samosa: West Indian spiced potato and sweet pea filled $1.5
-    General Tao chicken poppers: Sweet and spicy battered chicken $2


-    Salmon tartar: Salmon belly served on a cucumber round with a ponzu glaze and daikon sprouts $2.5
-    Snapper ceviche: Red snapper marinated with lime cilantro and served with pomegranate seeds and crispy leeks
-    Smoked duck mousse served in a filo cup with a dab of cranberry relish $3
-    Roasted red pepper and basil bruschetta $1.5
-    Mixed-olive Moroccan bruschetta $1.5
-    California fresh figs stuffed with goat cheese and prosciutto $2.5
-    Fresh cod soft tacos with pico de gallo and salsa verde $2.5
-    Smoked chicken on crostini with an aioli dab $2
-    Cherry tomato and fresh bocconcini spiedini with a pesto dip $1.5
-    Watermelon and feta brochette with a basil balsamic drizzle $2
-    Butter-poached lobster served on brioche with a dill crème fraiche $3.5
-    Beef carpaccio stuffed with roquette salad and a hint of horseradish $3
-    Peppercorn-seared beef on crostini with a horseradish aioli sauce $3




Under construction




 Lunch Boxes

Elegant lunch boxes make corporate catering easy! If you’ve got an on-the-run team building event such as a scavenger hunt, these are perfect — just hand them out at the beginning of the day.

For another great lunch idea, check out our “Stations” menu — just about any one of them makes a great lunch platter.

Pick a sandwich, pick a salad, pick a dessert, and let us box up your lunch!



-    Greek pita wrap with oregano grilled chicken with tzatziki, tomato and onion
-    Roast beef sandwich on a kaiser with Bermuda onion and horseradish aioli
-    Seared Asian salmon with sprouts on a soft roll with a citrus aioli
-    North Carolina-style pulled pork and house-made pickled veggies on a ciabatta bun (tangy and tart in the Carolinas tradition!)
-    Tennessee-style pulled pork with a chipotle BBQ sauce and house-made pickled veggies on a ciabatta bun (rich and spicy in the Memphis tradition!)
-    Grilled chicken and fresh mango on a fresh focaccia
-    Roast vegetables flavoured with pesto on fresh focaccia or whole grain bread (V)
-    Peameal bacon, tomato and avocado on a cheese bun with a creamy aioli



-    Italian-style potato salad (new potatoes dressed with lemon, EVOO and fresh basil)
-    Greek salad: mixed greens with cucumber, tomato, scallions, feta, and kalamata olives with a lemon, EVOO and oregano dressing
-    Leafy mesclun salad with a choice of Italian vinaigrette, creamy roasted garlic dressing or creamy sweet pepper French dressing
-    Asian quinoa with edamame and dried cherry with a sesame ginger soya dressing
-    Tuscan pesto pasta salad
-    Classic Caesar salad
-    Three-bean salad with fresh tomato, herbs and bacon


-    Whole fruit
-    Inquire about our cookie or square du jour!

($14.99/each. Water or pop, $1.50 additional.)

Minimum four of each kind of sandwich/salad ordered excluding vegetarian. If your favourite filling isn’t on your favourite bread, feel free to ask for a bread switch.
Take advantage of free delivery within Durham Region on orders of eight or more!



Under construction



Small plates & bowls


This casual yet elegant dinner service delights every diner with its whimsical quality. A selection of gourmet fare served in smaller portions, allowing each celebrant to try a variety. Great things in beautiful small packages! A sure-fire socializer. From $4 to $14per dish per person.


-    Asian style dressed quinoa with edamame, dried cherries and sprouts (V)
-    Couscous topped with pesto roasted root vegetables (V)
-    Tomato and boccocini drizzled with olive oil and fresh basil
-    Chicken Caesar with parmigiano regiano and pancetta
-    Scallop and shrimp ceviche with daikon sprouts, citrus and mango
-    Authentic Mexican fish tacos with pico de gallo and salsa verde
-    Smoked brisket with house-made pickled vegetables
-    Roasted garlic mashed potatoes topped with herb-crusted filet mignon
-    Pulled pork with a corn biscuit
-    Greek pork souvlaki with a cucumber tzatziki and rice
-    Moroccan salmon stewed and served on cumin-scented spicy tomato stew
-    Star anise and hoisin-seared duck served on herb-scented jasmine rice
-    Boneless jerk-spiced chicken with roasted sweet and spicy yam
-    Italian sausage with roasted peppers topped with parmigiano reggiano shavings
-    Seafood paella (slow-cooked saffron rice with shrimp, scallops, crab, and clams
-    Slow-braised spiced pork shoulder or brisket with cabbage stew

-    S’mores bowl
-    Rich warm brownie with a luscious chocolate sauce
-    Seasonal fruit crumble
-    Bannoffee (house-made dulce de leche with graham crust, bananas and cream)
-    Cake pops
-    Molten lava mini-cakes
-    Exotic fruit salad with ginger and mint





How do you instantly swank up a party? Bring out the food stations. A cost-effective way to offer imaginative, thematic, memorable food to your guests, with the individual touch of a chef or server right there, interacting. It’s got everything people love about buffets, in a more elegant, personal package.  

If you’re in the market for a special corporate lunch, each of our stations can also be prepared as a tasty platter.

($4.25 per person)

Choose three dips: hummus, babaganoush, stewed spicy eggplant and tomato, matbucha (spicy tomato and peppers), tzatziki, olive tapenade
Served with assorted pitas and flats breads.
-    Babaganoush
-    Stewed spicy eggplant and tomato
-    Tzatziki
-    Matbucha and olive tapenade (choose 3) served with an assortment of pitas and flat breads


Fresh vegetables crudité served with roast pepper, ranch, sundried tomato, spinach or pesto dip
($1.5 per person)
Spinach, mescaline, and romaine with an assortment of garnishes and dressings
($3.5 per person)

($13 per person + chef)

-    Herb-crusted prime rib
-    Roasted pork shoulder
-    Herb crusted pork tender loin
-    Braised brisket
-    Stuffed turkey breast
-    Roasted brined chicken
Served with an assortment of gravies and sauces
Smoked fish
($11 per person)

-    Smoked salmon
-    Gravlax
-    Cajun, dill, and pepper-smoked mackerel
Served with capers, lemons, limes, onions, crème fraiche and whipped cream cheese, with rye bread and mini bagels
($13 per person + chef)

-    Corned beef
-    Pastrami
-    Ham
-    Montreal smoked meat
Carved by our chefs and served with an assortment of mustards on rye and pumpernickel rounds

($13 per person + chef)

-    Fresh shucked oysters, scallops and shrimp ceviche
-    Fresh fish sashimi
Served with assorted sauces and mignonettes

Taco bar
($13 per person + chef)

A variety of soft-shell beef, chicken and fish tacos with all the traditional condiments prepared to order by our chefs.

Sweet table

(price subject to selection)

A variety of mini desserts cakes and fruit

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